Commercial Building Construction in Olive Branch, MS


So, you own commercial property and you want to further develop it? Or, you own land and want to build new construction?

​Well, look no further. It is one of our specialties!

​From building permits to site development to final landscaping, we utilize the most skilled trades and safe site conditions to keep your project flowing in a timely and productive manner. Our quality steel building systems offer extensive versatility through wide-open interiors and a variety of bay sizes, eave heights, roof slopes, and almost any type of exterior you choose.

We have everything both your facility and budget need.

​When constructing a new commercial building or enhancing an existing one, the multitude of tasks can often overwhelm new project managers due to the responsibilities for planning, coordinating, and supervising the project from start to finish. Ultimately, we keep your mind at ease and the project on track by ensuring the project stays on budget, negotiating contracts and supplies, and securing building permits and licenses.

​By hiring Magnolia Roofing & Renovation LLC for your construction management services, you’re receiving cost efficiency, quality control, and representation of your best interests for your commercial property.